Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am so ready for spring and warmer weather! The girls got new bikes (thanks Dad) and they are loving riding them! Since Tim has been gone my dad tries to come over once a week, he knows how much I hate being alone so he comes over and brings us dinner and just comes and hangs out with me and the girls and I love it, and I know once I move it is going to be something I miss really bad. Anyway last week he came over to watch American Idol and he usually just brings the kids something small, but not last week he brought bikes, and they were so excited, so I am ready for the nice weather this week so I can go for walks and let them ride their bikes not only will it be fun for them, but I can also get some much needed exercise:) I am going to try to post pics of them soon on their bikes!

Tonight was open house at school for the girls, and it was so neat to go and see all the things they have been working so hard on. Audrey is doing great, she is the youngest one in her class, but her teacher said she is right at the same level as everyone else. She loved having me there to show me all of the things that she has learned and the things that she does everyday. I cant believe my baby will be in kindergarten next year (sniff, sniff)! Reagan is doing awesome and I could not be more proud of her. She wrote her first book report, and she got to display it on the wall, she was so proud (but not as proud as me) lol! She is reading at a third grade level, and is learning to write in cursive and is doing great! Reagan had made a book for me and Tim, and it was so sweet it made me cry, it just seems unreal to me that she is going to be in third grade (wow, I feel old) I feel so blessed to have two of the sweetest little girls ever and I am so proud of them!

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