Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time flies when you are having fun:)

Eight years ago today my life was totally changed for the best, Reagan was born bringing so much happiness to me! I still cant believe that she is eight I am not sure where the time went. I feel blessed to call her my daughter, she is smart and sweet and thoughtful of other peoples feelings (most of the time) lol! She is doing great in school, and has lots of friends. Some of her favorite things are still horses, hannah montana, taylor swift, she loves being outside riding her bike, she really likes to draw, she is ready for summer so she can go swimming, she is starting to want to pick out her own clothes (which we do not agree on for the most part already:) and she is very interested in science I am not sure where that came from because I am not the least bit interested:) I am so thankful to have such great kids, and I just hope the next eight years dont go by so fast!!! Even though life can be so stressful sometimes and make you lose sight of the important things I really want to enjoy each day that I have because it goes by way to fast:(